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Freight Shipping in Las Vegas has never been easier as we offer a freight shipping quote direct to you over the phone. Freight shipping costs can vary and by being the most trusted local freight broker in or near Nevada, our services are ready and available for all of your packing and crating services.

Las Vegas Crating and Logistics offers a premiere crating and freighting center and warehouse to accomodate all of your storage needs. Is it easier to store your freight with us while waiting for ship and delivery ? We tailor our white glove services to casinos, hotels, motels, airlines, local businesses, residential, and commercial establishments alike with the highest level of quality.

Did you know that Clark County, Las Vegas is one of the top destinations in the U.S. for business meetings and conventions ? Do you need a freightbroker that can pack, ship, and deliver your shipment and belongings on time and direct to your destination ? Look no further as we are there with our experienced moving team from pick-up to final delivery. Packing and unpacking with unmatched care to detail is what we have been doing for over twenty years, no matter how large or small your haul may be.

Las Vegas Freight Companies offer curb-side delivery, but we take it a step further with our proven track record of stability and reliability. The transportation is more than simply getting your products from one point to the other. We build relationships with our local businesses and vendors when receiving their products. The days of complicated shipping processes are a thing of the past and long gone. We hand tailor your moving experience no matter how large or small with a guarantee of unmatched professionalism. 


Shipping solutions to your heavy lifting is why we are here

When you partner with Las Vegas Crating our freighting service offers custom specialty hand built crates for your goods and commodities. Our process of transporting cargo include land, sea, and air. A truckload of freight shipping over the American highway and roads extend international if the duty calls. We have the means to transport all of your hard to pack and ship goods in our custom crate containers safely and timely in the most cost-effective manner. 

Often time is a factor so get ahold of us today to we can manage any tight delivery window you may have. Time critical shipments in which expedited truck freight needs to be delivered is tracked every step of the way. We can handle full truckloads, partial, intermodal, and a light truckload carry depending on your schematics. 

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What is freight classification ? This is a method that is standardized to give the consumers and carriers a uniform pricing structure when shipping freight class. This is based and judged on weight, density, and value. Freight service providers sell transportation services and help find reliable contract carriers. Detail is spent on negotiating competitive rates and managing the entire process. Let us shop around for the best freight carrier for you.

Shipping via freight in Las Vegas does not need to be complicated. We make it easy and convenient with customer options and dedicated experts with you along the entire process.

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Las Vegas Crating and Logistics handles all of your physical freight transportating of cargo, merchandise goods, and commodities. According to Wikipedia the term shipping was referred to orginally as transport by sea, but is now extended to air and land cruser transport. SImilarilly the term Logistics is borrowed from the military.


GROUND - Shipping by truck or train can be classified as land or "ground". This also included but is not limited to road transport and freight by rail. If the shipment touches the sea or air, often ground transport is necessary to move the cargo from it's origin to the seaport or airport. It then moves to it's next stop or destination based on what port is available. This method of ground shipping is commonly more affordable than moving by air travel, but has more expenses than transport by sea. Especially if your cargo is going far inland to a developing country where infrastructure might not be capable and efficient.

Multimodal transport is a shipment of cargo by trucks, directly from you, the shipper to your destination. This is more commonly known as door to door shipment.

SHIP AND SEA FREIGHT TRANSPORT - More shipping is done over the oceans and sea that you might imagine. Merchant shipping is often the primary source of income for much of the world's enconmy with over 100,000 commercial ships worldwide. Martime transport utilizes barges, sailboats, and cargo ships. Transportation by water is usually cheaper than air transport, even with exchange rates fluctuating as fee's are placed on top of freighting charges for carrier companies. This is known as the Currency Adjustment Factor or (CAF)

Intermodal shipping, crating, and freighting is the method of transport when your packaged goods, cases, boxes, pallets, and barrels are carried through more than one mode of delivery.

Since most lakes and rivers are too small to transport many general goods, bulk carrieres are often required. These are cargo ships that specialize in transporting bulk cargo which can include grain, rice, ore, or other heavy materials. Lake freighters are composed of large fleets at times which transverse the narrower waterways and lakes. 

Container ships are available if you need to move truck-sized containers. These cargo ships carry their entire load in a technique called containerization. Known as box boats, these behemoths carry the majority of all dry cargo in the world.

Perishable commodities often need to be moved and transported long distances, and that is where Reefers, or refigerated ships come into use. All goods are safely kept in temperature-controlled environments and allow the safe passage of vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, fruit, and all other food related items.

AIR FREIGHT AND CARRIERS - Dedicated airlines used for the transport of cargo by air. Airfreight carriers and cargo airlines are the means of use to handle the logistics of managing and controlling the flow of products, goods, and services from the source of production to the given marketplace.

Finished inventories and raw materials alike need to be repositioned to a new geographical location. Or it could be air express and airmail that needs to be delivered. The worlds first offical airmail flight happened in 1911 !

Materials that are commonly used for standard air freight cargo shipping services are dry goods and any items which do not contain liquied, such as textiles, retail or consumer goods, machinery, and hardware and electronics. As it is possible to air transport temperature controlled materials, hazardous wastes, live animals, human remains, and heavy weight cargo loads over dimensional freight, these types of services do require extra steps.

Most air cargo can be shipped however regardless of size, type, or weight in single packages, on pallets or skids, in crates or containers, or consolidated for air cargo shipments.


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