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White Glove Delivery Service For Packing And Shipping

Las Vegas Crating and Logistics offers a high level of specialty white glove services and delivery when it comes to packing, shipping, boxing, crating, and freighting all of your moving needs. Meticulous care is involved with each and every item you need delivered, packed, and shipped. We extend our business to not only local and residential, but commercial, state to state, and international if required.


When shipping furniture or other types of delicate items, sometimes a higher level of handling and care is recommended. When you choose a company that specializes in white glove service, you are not responsible for any of the loading, unloading, moving, or packing of any of your goods. All of your household or office furniture will be picked up and delivered directly to your location with a precision that will leave you without a worry.

This door-to-door service will save you all hassle of any stress about properly preparing and packaging any and all fragile and expensive heirlooms, antiques, and personal family keepsakes.


Specialty white glove freight service in Las Vegas, NV always comes with the highest level of support and service. Standard crating and freighting services normally only provide curbside pickup and delivery, but most often this is not the level of attention to detail that is required for one of a kind irreplaceable belongings. We have shipped vintage phone booths, slot machines, chandeliers, and memorabilias that are priceless.

Art and antiques are often too bulky or heavy for any one person to move, especially if you live alone, or your area does not provide any of the necessary materials. Our beneficial VIP treatment will be there unloading your items at the destination of your choosing, and cleaning up any mess left behind.

Our freight agents look to specify your needs and indentify the requirements to safely move your product. We work with multi-person teams to meet your schedule and complete all protection and precautions required to suprass your expecatations that any other moving company can provide.

We offer specialized vehicles and lifts along with specialty equipment to provide you with the finest hands on white glove delivery service in Las Vegas that you can find. Your peace of mind and assets are critical to our success. Let us offer you the best moving experience you can have.


Price is often a factor when it comes to services such as white glove delivery, but rest assured that we take a dilligent approach to ensuring that you recieve the most competitvely priced quote that is out there. Do you need efficient and comprehensive next-day shipping delivery and service in Las Vegas, it's surrounding area's, or out of state? Our warehousing facilities are available for safe storage and handling for any size shippable item you may have. We love handling large products, applicances, safes, art, and antiques. Medical equipment and machinery has never been a problem for us in our twenty plus years, and we look forward to any and all challenges that other companies will turn down. 

Our white glove service extends far beyond auctions, estates, and trusts, but small moves as well. We are a company that views your valuables with the thought that your items are treated as our own. 

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